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Hello! Welcome to the First Recon website! The site is still under construction, but the layout is already much nicer than it was before; Feel free to create an account! :)

About me:
My name is Andrew Hamilton. I am a 22 year old Computer Programmer who loves to make games! I am currently enrolled at Georgia Southern University.

About First Recon:
First Recon started as a game made with Game Maker 7. It was a small side project started between Michael PW (Mishmash) and myself (orange451).
The old version of the game can be found here:Yoyogames Page

After the original First Recon game, Michael and I made a bunch of indie FPS's called Global Anarchy. None of them were serious projects, we just liked to make games together!

In 2013, I began the development of First Recon using Game Maker 8.1. The last development log for First Recon (while still being made with Game Maker) can be found here: Youtube Page

Why Java?
Java (back when I moved away from Game Maker) was a language I knew relatively well. Not quite as well as Game Maker, but well enough to make a game. I didn't want to use Game Maker Studio, as it was an overpriced and buggy mess at the time. As the years have gone on, I've realised how powerful the language is, and how I can make a much nicer game in Java than in Game Maker
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